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The 20 Most Important Questions In Business

Companies fail for a host of reasons. Bad luck plays a role, sure, but disaster usually strikes because of a more fundamental flaw–in the original idea, the strategy, the execution or all of the above. When it comes to building a business, even Warren Buffett would agree that no one can spot every opportunity or anticipate every threat. There are simply too many variables. And in an increasingly competitive global economy, those variables are changing faster than ever before. What entrepreneurs can do is ask the core set of tough questions that govern the fate of any enterprise. Armed with…


Secrets Exposed Contributors Extravaganza

Last Friday I had the good fortune to be invited to the Secrets Exposed Series Contributors Extravaganza… and that is was. All contributors to the series were invited, totalling 214, with about half being able to make it. And make it they did! From all parts of Australia and NZ, and even a visitor from Canada. Try networking and talking and controlling to an agenda people such as the contributors, who were all equally as excited to be in the same room as each other. To their credit, Dale Beaumont and Emma Lyons did manage to have the herd pay…


Australian self-employed happier

Something we have always known I know, but now its official… A new survey from Murdoch University shows that self-employed independent contractors are happier than employees. This supports a Zurich University study published in 2004. The Murdoch study finds that the self-employed have higher life and work satisfaction than employees, and have perceived better general and mental health, vitality, social functioning and financial situations. The findings are not age- or gender-dependent.


Success in Business & Baby Balancing Act

Although my girl is not a actually baby anymore… the principles still apply. Read this article, featuring my good self, by way of an introduction into the way Entrepreneurial Motherhood, and running a business aCE talentNET co-exist. Are you building and running your business to fit and support your life? or is it the other way around? Why so? Go to The Entrepreneurial Mother and register to a) become part of the community b) learn how to apply such principles to your life Lets work together on ‘making Life work!’


Money Survival Guide for Women

Hoorah! A concise booklet designed to help you! It’s not aimed at providing all the answers you need – but to engage and kick start your appetite for financial control. Thank you Citibank. Today we are better educated, better paid and enjoy broader career opportunities than at any time in Australia’s history. It paves the way for women to embrace the option of building their wealth and lay firm foundations for financial independence. But women also face unique challenges. We enjoy greater longevity (an average of 82 years compared with 77 years among men), so we need to work harder…


There’s one born every minute

Heard the one about the guy who traded a paperclip for a house? Mary Riekert looks at the flourishing online world of trades, social experiments … and scams. THEY’VE always been around, the sharp-eyed entrepreneurs who come up with a brilliant idea that has us all asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The ideas are often ridiculous, such as Pet Rocks, a 1975 fad started by Californian salesman Gary Dahl. Who in their right mind would have believed that the world would go crazy to own a pebble? But once Mr Dahl had been written up in Newsweek and…

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