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Australia – the movie

I was most fortunate enough to sit in La Premiere last night, and watch the movie “Australia”… and I have to tell you I loved it! It is so Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin (one hell of an inspiring woman in her own right)… thank goodness. Given world events of the few last days, thankfully there are people around who can see the wonder and awe that the world has to offer (even if through rosier coloured glasses) and they are prepared to add their little bit to it for all to observe. Was it perfect? certainly not. Could holes…


Small is Beautiful

Care of the Barefoot Investor; Scott Pape…I had to share this with you as he is making a lot of sense… November 15, 2008 WITH world leaders running around spending billions – no, make that trillions – of dollars of our money in an effort to avert a global financial meltdown, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your little stash of cash pales in comparison. Rubbish. I know from personal experience that as little as a thousand bucks can change your life. Coming up with a grand shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, especially if you’ve…


So… you want to be a better Consultant?

How can you: * Bring you more freedom and fulfilment in your consulting life? * Create new revenue streams and increase your income? Initially, by being part of the aCE talentNET Global Consultant Study… For this inaugural annual study, we are inviting all consultants to share how aCE talentNET can continually work on new products and services to help you and your consultancy, that will not only: * Bring you more freedom and fulfilment in your consulting life * Create new revenue streams and increase your income and also: * Make you a recognized expert (or even celebrity) in your…


The aCE talentNET Professional Edge ezine October 08

“If you are anything like me you’ve been paying close attention to the global financial crisis but still adopting a relaxed attitude that “it couldn’t get that bad in Australia”. Well no longer… as I continue to read articles and watch news stories I have woken up to the fact that we need to adopt an extremely conservative approach to business and managing our finances in what could be troubled times ahead. This is true for both large and small businesses alike. Contract World has recently posted an extremely sobering review of the facts leading up to the global financial…

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