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Jambo from Zanzibar

jambo jambo I’m sitting in the back row of the computer school of Nungwi (northern Zanzibar, Tanzania), in the middle of the Excel and Internet class. I’m using the spare computer that they rent out to tourists to raise money to keep the computer school going. Call that entrepreneurial or what! I am pleased to report that most of the students are female. So watch out world, here they come… an update… We arrived in Zanzibar Christmas Day. Not our average kind of Christmas Day by a long shot, but certainly one of the most memorable. We shopped and bargained…


Intergenerational expectations… interesting times ahead

AS the Australian economy tilts towards recession next year, it may be instructive for generation Y to see how they are viewed. Over the last month, Bernard Salt has run two workshops designed to elicit intergenerational views in the workplace. In both instances, he asked participants more or less the same question: describe the attributes of the perfect employee or manager. The question as to the perfect employee was put to a group of 40 generation X middle-level managers mostly aged 30-45. He wanted to create a truly mythical beast: the perfect Gen Y employee. What would such a person…


To Have and To Hold: retaining and utilising skilled people

Not being able to hire people with the required skills is an obvious impediment to the productivity and prosperity of any organisation and, ultimately, to a country’s economy. An equally important concern for employers is how to keep skilled employees and how to use their skills fully. This report, To have and to hold: Retaining and utilising skilled people by Andy Smith, Eddie Oczkowski and Chris Selby Smith, examines the ways in which Australian employers retain skilled staff at a time of low unemployment and skills shortages. It also considers the ways in which employers enhance their ability to use…

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