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#sellbusiness: Fear of the Exit… It subsides the closer you get!

As my ex-Lecturer Tom McKaskill notes in his column for Smart Company… It is widely acknowledged that a significant portion of private firms will be coming onto the market over the next 10 years as the baby boomer generation nears retirement. While some have family members to pass the business onto and others will reach an arrangement with employees to buy out their interests, most will be seeking to sell their businesses. With this background, it is hard to understand why so many fail to confront the issue and fail to undertake business and personal planning to provide the best…


Buyers Showing Interest Across a Range of Businesses; Hurst Partners

Today’s business sales market for small to medium size businesses can best be described in one word – “patchy”.  Not all businesses are in demand and buyers are very selective! Based on current buyer inquiries the following are industries attracting the most interest: HIGH… Accounting, IT services, aged care/personal care Profitable businesses operating under management AVERAGE… Wholesale, niche manufacturing, online businesses Generally, businesses with a profit BOS* of $100,000 – $150,000 (* Before Owner’s Salary) LOW… General retail, health and beauty, home and trade services Generally, businesses with a profit BOS*of less than $80,000 A positive development is the increasing…

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