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How Small Changes in Our Day-To-Day Spending Can Shake the World…

Given that we women influence 80% of the purchases made, imagine the power we wield if we got really deliberate about how to use said influence? Time to start thinking about it… “We are, to some degree, what we buy. Or at least we can become a bit closer to who we want to be based on the products we use, consume, and wear. As consumers our brand alignment can function not only as a means for public self-identification, but also as an important source of self-affirmation. The brands we purchase can become, in a sense, our personal position statement….


“Stickier” products and services are not the only way to Grow Business…

Interesting there’s no mention of growth via buying a business… CUSTOMER relationships and business diversification have topped the list of growth strategies for Australia’s small and medium enterprises this year. Despite a volatile economy, a MYOB survey of more than 1000 SME owners found the most common objectives for Australian business owners in 2012 in terms of clients and revenue were to strengthen customer relationships and expand business development activity. MYOB found in its most recent Business Monitor research that 49% of owners were aiming for client/revenue growth in 2012 (an increase of three percentage points on the prior year)….


Make Social Media Sell—NOW

“The ‘social media revolution’ is over-hyped nonsense. The real business opportunity is to become more relevant and meaningful to customers in ways that create sales. Few will question the impact social media is having on people’s lives. From assisting political revolutions to simply reconnecting us with old friends, social media is touching our lives in meaningful ways every day. But with all the stories you’re hearing about the power of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networks, the one question you may be asking is ‘how can my business actually make money with social media?’ Continue reading the…

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