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#OpportunityAlert: would what you do work in the New Heartland?

Is Your Brand Missing the Mark with 60% of U.S. Consumers? By Paul Jankowski Published Feb. 18, 2015  “There’s one part of the country where, I think, many brands are completely missing the mark: it’s what I call the New Heartland. It’s made up of the Southwest, Midwest, and parts of the Southeast and is home to 60% of all U.S. consumers. It’s a massive and influential cultural segment that is largely misunderstood and underserved by advertisers—and a huge opportunity for brands willing to make the effort. So how do brands effectively reach the New Heartland?” Read all about it at


#OpportunityAlert = the power of apprenticeships

Certainly my read of the Australian market at present is that Apprenticeships definitely have a role to play, and most importantly with our PrimeTime | Seniorpreneur demographic, either one of two ways: a) as part of the Exit Strategy for a Business Owner b) as part of the entrance strategy for those who want to take on a new role in life, maybe after executing the sale of a business… “There is a huge shift happening in the United States right now: a return to the time-honored tradition of apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is the Western World’s oldest form of occupational training,…


PODCAST: “How to Avoid Losing Money When Buying a Business” with Lorraine Pirihi from ReLaunch Your Life

Recently, Lorraine Pirihi from “Relaunch your Life” and I had a good chat about “How to Avoid Losing Money When Buying a Business” (audio is below). The key aspects of which are summarised here: • Not certain of what to buy? • You can spend a lot of time looking at a broad range of businesses. • Whilst keen at the start it can be energy sapping in the long run if you’re uncertain of what to buy. • Financial limitations • Do you have an understanding of what you REALLY can “afford”? • Can you pass the “sleep at…

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