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ARTICLE: When is the Best Time to Buy a Business? for

As a contributing article in the Australian Businesswomen’s Network latest newsletter, this article discusses the best time to Buy a Business: Quitting life as you know it and looking to buy a business makes the answers to these questions crucial: What do I want to do? Why do I want to do it? Can I afford to do it? Will I be happy doing it? Why do I want to take on someone else’s “stuff”? To explore the answers to these in the Business Buying context, read the full article…


WEBINAR: Women in Business, Ensure a Saleable Business = FREEDOM!

The powerhouse of motivating mum’s, Alli Price, invited me to speak on one of her recent Google Hangouts. Once I got the technology sorted (!), it was all systems go and it is now proudly displaying on her youtube channel. Please, go check it out… It’s great launching and running a business but your eye should always be on the prize – selling your business successfully! Check out these great tips from Denise Hall, The Entrepreneurial Mother On this one I talk a lot about FREEDOM. Why did you start your business in the first place? How well is that…


ARTICLE: When is the Right Time to Sell Your Business? for

On August 10, my latest article for the australian Businesswomen’s Network resource centre on knowing when the right time is to sell your business featured. The start of which goes like this: Imagine, as business owner, you are about to review the good, the bad and the ugly of your business. Will you be happy with what is revealed? Is it Saleable? Here are some questions to ask yourself in evaluating your business: Is the business in great shape – growing and profitable? Is there a management team in place or is it completely reliant on you? Can the business continue…


ARTICLE: Exiting your Small Business, using a Business Broker

Recently, this article was published on the Australia Small Business Blog, with my contribution focused predominately on the benefits of using a Business Broker, like my good self: “If you are going to be dealing with a business broker, make sure they are licensed with the relevant State body. The Australian Institute of Business Brokers (of which I’m a member!) has links to the various State licensing authorities. When exiting your business, you should seek some professional advice – however even an accountant or solicitor have limitations on the scope of the guidance they can offer around the valuation and sale of a business.  A qualified business broker can…

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