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PODCAST: How to Add Value to your Business with Jacki Mitchell on Taking Care of Business

Had the pleasure of talking to Jacki Mitchell of Taking Care of Business for and Lauren Clement about How to Add Value to Your Business, both in terms of personal branding and actual realistic business activities and initiatives, like finding out What your Business is Worth on a regular basis via an annual Appraisal. This enables far more informed decisions to be made when the time comes to make BIG life ones including what do I do with my business…


What is my Business Worth is a question worth asking?

Now that you are well into 2017, is it now worth realistically answering this one key question; what is my business worth? Are you starting to wonder how you can Exit to eventually GET OUT? This appraisal worth $1650 will provide you with a fair indication of the value of your business and how to improve the saleability and value of it to be more attractive to the potential purchaser, guiding you through the next steps… And this is Complimentary for you…. Email me: and I will let you know what information I need to do this for you…


Entered the 2017 Motivating Mum Brilliant Biz Mum Awards yet?

With a little over a week left to enter, I definitely want to see your nominations for this years Brilliant Biz Mum Awards! There are 13 Awards categories covering everything from writing to social media to creative marketing to innovative products and more so it is time for you to step up and unveil the great work you have been doing over the past 12 months. Which is why I am proud to be supporting as a guest judge in the Brilliant Biz Mum Awards and they are now open for you to nominate yourself or another amazing biz mum/s!…

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