How to Shorten your Work Week #7

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System Reset questions…
5. Determine the cost of these dreams and calculate your Target Monthly Income (TMI) for both timelines.
If financeable, what is the cost per month for each of the four dreams (rent, mortgage, payment plan installments, etc)?

Well… isn’t this an interesting exercise…
I have completed it manually and scanned it for your viewing pleasure, and to use as a sample. The automatic calculators and forms are available electroniclaly at The process of completing both of these forms is explained in the book The 4 Hour Work Week, pg 56-59.


Once this calculation is done, you then use it to complete your Dreamline, see mine here…


As a result of doing this exercise, I know have critical first steps for each of the dreams listed. The point being that they are actionable and bring you closer to actualisation, provided I actually do them!

To quote Tim… “Tomorrow becomes never. No matter how small the task, take the first step now!”

One of my to do was to book the workshop a particular Internet business workshop, run by Andrew and Daryl Grant. I’m off to Sydney tonight to attend that workshop. That should certainly impact on where I want to go… can’t wait.

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