It's only fair that all Inspiring Women (yes, that means you!) and all entrepreneurial mothers are recognised and celebrated, and if we can use the Mothers Day agenda to do so... then well and good!

I'm often asked "Why TEMplate?... let me answer that right now... because I know that you want:

1. your time to work for you
2. specific information and help to adjust what you're currently doing
3. all of what will work delivered in your inbox
4. to be able to do this from the comfort of your own home
5. to do this regardless of where you live
6. support from a community
7. genuine assistance and practical tools
8. someone credible; who has been there, done that
9. to know what to do, from a reliable source
OK I think you get my point... that's enough, don't you think?

so... please accept this fine offer...

my Chapter "Free Agent" from the "Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed" by the entrepreneurial mother (me!) FREE - all you have to do is click here

lets keep going with this recognition theme...

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yes that's right, get 2 for the price of 1

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and do you want one more?.... Ok, here it is...

feel free to send this email to your friends, family and colleagues, they can also do what you can do... so and invite them avail of this gift offer.

I would also encourage you to encourage them to "subscribe" at  so that they too can begin a beautiful relationship!!

Why are you doing this you may be asking?... 
when Celebrating Women at the International Women's Day luncheon run by the Morningtion Peninsula Shire Women in the Workplace and Frankston City Council Women Connect Networking Groups, I was fortunate enough to be invited to give the keynote address over lunch. It was a fabulous way of celebrating and recognising the achievements of all attendees, not just me standing up the front, microphone in hand.

As I always say, be bold and opportunistic ... so, based on questions I was asked in terms of offering additional assistance in making Life! work, I am now in the process of constructing a  workshop which will enable, and give permission to, entrepreneurial mothers to take the time out to spend on that business idea, or that plan around combining all that you do into making Life! work . The response has been most positive, with the first of the workshops in the middle of planning at the moment.

So... my question to you is... how are you going with the "The Entrepreneurial Mothers Guide to Making Life! Work"? ... this workshop will be just the thing your need if you're feeling stuck.... I will be keep you up to date as to where and when these will be running. If you think you might have a group that would benefit from having your own workshop, then just reply to this with an email requesting same.

Speaking of replying, hit "reply" on this email and tell me what you would want to see in that workshop?

all suggestions readily accepted

be in touch again soon...

cheers denise

P.S. The workshop will be a 5 hour (to fit in with school hours) LIVE "Entrepreneurial Mother - making Life! work " time out where you will spend the time that you never grant yourself on strategies and tools that you can apply right away.

PPS If you have friends or family or fellow entrepreneurial mothers are interested in this, you will need to act fast.

Simply hit the "Forward" button in your email program and encourage them to subscribe, and at the very least, get their gifts today!


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