buy | sell websites: is it just like property?


Pretty much! In one way or another, you will have been exposed to the ongoing increased interest in the property market. You know, where they buy a house that needs renovations, they do the work, and they may or may not sell it once done.

This basically mirrors what can be done with web sites. But, it has way more upside.

You can buy a web site a whole lot cheaper than a house.
You can perform “renovation” exercises without getting your hands dirty.
You can sell it again, once fixed.
You can keep it and keep the benefit.

And if for any reason it’s not as successful as hoped, you’ve not laid out a ton of money. Perfect for those who are somewhat risk averse!

It’s possible to make an investment of a few hundred dollars to start with some time, increase that investment at a rate
of return that’s unheard of.

Like any deal, is about the steps involved in:

  • assessing a web site as an investment
  • valuing a site
  • the negotiation process

Over the ensuing weeks, I’ll spend time investigating each of these points in more detail.

Whether you treat this as a business in its own right or whether you’re looking for a bolt-on, as part the Online Strategy for your existing business, the same principles still apply…

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