FOREVER TRENDS – How to delight women, the gay community and boomers

When it comes to easy inspiration for dreaming up new products and services, some big trends keep on giving. Case in point: the Continuing rise in purchasing power enjoyed by women (FEMALE FEVER), the gay community (PINK PROFITS) and baby boomers (BOOMING BUSINESS).

FOREVER TRENDS has been so thoroughly researched, the only thing left to do with them is to turn them into new products, new services and new experiences. Which may not be what some of you want to hear from us (what about the numbers, the stats, the predictions?).

To make a long story short: for this edition of monthly trend briefing, they asked their spotters to keep an eye out for interesting new business concepts and products that are specifically aimed at women, the gay community and boomers. They collected and analysed their findings and created a hands-on snapshot of what brands around the world are ALREADY doing to serve these demographics in innovative ways, making good money in the process. They’ve also added a few business ideas they’d spotted in the past, tracking their progress and in some cases, their demise.

Be inspired by examples of brands that are having fun with these forever trendy demographics in this month’s trend briefing…

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