How to shorten your work week

care of Tim Ferriss – The 4 Hour Working Week

Personal outsourcing is still considered cutting-edge, but that doesn’t make it ineffective. When planned properly, personal outsourcing can deliver 10 to 20 hours of free time per week with a simultaneous increase in work output.

Need someone on New York time? Find a team in Argentina through Elance. Want to e-mail a 10-hour project at 5pm and have it completed in your inbox the next morning? Send it to AskSunday in India and have them work on it while you sleep.

You don’t have to wait for the future to enjoy the benefits.

I am a big fan of Tim’s and am slowly building his methods of working into my day… I suggest you do same.
Read on…

Fundamental to Tim’s success is the singular importance of being a “dealmaker”. I am going to quote a particular section directly from the book, but will not be doing that on a regular basis… you can buy your own copy in order to get the lot!

The manifesto of the dealmaker is simple. Reality is negotiable. The DEAL of the dealmaking is also an acronym for the process of becoming a member of the New Rich.
D = definition
E = elimination
A = automation
L = liberation

It is through each of these key steps that I will be working, using my own journey as the example… wish me luck!

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