It’s all about action

Justin Herald reminds us…

Whilst it would be great if we all woke up one day, decided to achieve our financial goals, reach them and then went on with our lives operating on our new financial level, but realistically the chances of that are fairly slim.

So why is that?
Why do some people continually struggle to get to where they want?
Is it because they just don’t have what it takes?
Is it because financial prosperity is only for a select few?
Why is it?

Creating a better financial position for your life is much more about who you actually are as a person, what your belief systems are, and the value you place on the other areas of your life outside of your finances. Read on…

Ain’t that the truth!
Interestingly enough I have spent the last few weeks being introduced to stuff (that I have now worked out) will assist me on my journey. Didn’t know it at the time as they were presented individually and from completely non-related sources. However it has since dawned on me that the “answers” I have been looking for in terms of what to do next, and what the next 2 years might look like, have materialised and how very exciting that is…

Having now given some thought to the plan, and spending some time over the next weeks tweaking that into a workable arrangement, it will most definitely help me address current and future beliefs, and help me set up the life I intend to have outside of my finances.

I look forward to getting started…
and I will share my journey as I go so feel free to make comment, and/or participate yourself…

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