JK Rowling… now there’s an entrepreneurial mother

even if she didn’t realise it at the time…

as JK tells it…

An easy life? Between 1993 and 1997 I did the job of two parents, qualified and then worked as a secondary school teacher, wrote one and a half novels and did the planning for a further five. For a while, I was clinically depressed. To be told, over and over again, that I was feckless, lazy — even immoral — did not help.

Is this resonating with you?
It did me, hence why I’ve blogged about it.

The fact remains that the first time I ever met my recently retired accountant, he put it to me point-blank: would I organise my money around my life, or my life around my money?

What a great question.
Seriously think about that one, and if you can truly answer it to your satisfaction, then good on you. This in some respects in the essence of being an entrepreneurial mother…
JK, if I ever get to meet you, I’ll certainly thank you for sharing on this gem of wisdom.

Whilst the bulk of the original “A Single Mothers Manifesto article in The Times is politically driven, it’s worth a read it you want to understand some of the finer detail around the UK system of “benefits”. My hope is that you don’t know it, or any variation, to intimately. Or if you do, now might just be the time to start your own entrepreneurial mother journey…

Want to know more? here’s where to go

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