Mums still bear brunt of housework…

mind you, single mothers have this 100% of the time, however…

as reported in TheAge this morning by Adele Horin…

Being a parent has become more exhausting over the past 10 years as mothers and fathers devote more hours to paid work and to looking after their children, new data shows.

But for mothers in particular, the pressures have intensified as they spend as much time on housework as they did a decade ago while fathers have cut back.

“The workload of being a parent has just got worse since 1997,” said Lyn Craig, a senior research fellow at the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW. “It’s become more and more a scramble.”

Dr Craig, with colleague Dr Killian Mullan, will present the findings at an international conference of time-use researchers, starting at the Wesley Conference Centre in Sydney today.

Using Australian Bureau of Statistics data based on time-use diaries kept by almost 2000 couples, Dr Craig has tracked the growing gap between the workload of couples with pre-school age children and couples without children; and between mothers and fathers.

The diaries show that between 1997 and 2006 everyone devoted more hours to paid work – childless men and childless women, and mothers and fathers. As well, fathers and mothers devoted more hours to child-care activities, despite their longer hours at work. And everyone reduced the time they spent on housework – everyone that is, except for mothers… read on

something has got to give, no surprise there…
we can’t be all to everyone and everything, even though we might want to, it just isn’t possible
the sooner we all start to take stock of our lives and design them in terms of how we want them to run, the better
need help to get started, let me know…

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