Should Women Marry for Love or Money?

An interesting question I think…
What? I’m not jumping up and down on the spot saying “you have got to be joking!” I hear you cry… well no I’m not actually.

As discussed in the Age this morning (for love or money?), there is some merit in raising this question, if it suits you to do so. I for one can not and have not ever been able to seriously go down this path, but hey, horses for courses I say, and here’s why…

1. Most marriages for love don’t last (and good luck to those that do).
2. Many women, once on their own, are not well equipped to earn their own money.
3. It worked in Jane Austens day, why not now? Although you’d want to be able to do your own choosing of prospective suitors surely. After all, not all things historical are outdated.
4. If you can combine love and money, all the better!

Flippancy aside…
what I do know is that of the many women I meet (who claim to want to build a business and be in charge of their own destiny etc etc); if they found themselves in a situation where their cashflow stopped all of a sudden… they really don’t know how to start the cash flowing again in an kind of hurry. Or if they did, they know even less about how to make it work around the life they want to have with their children/family. And that’s a very scary prospect.

So maybe marrying for money takes care of all that!
assuming you’re looked after in the will that is…

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