What do women really want?

I was reading this little gem from Germaine Greer in the Notebook magazine last night, and it struck a real chord with me, hence why I’m sharing it…

Five women are toiling up a muddy track at the western extremity of the Macpherson Range, a 20-year-old, a 30-year-old, a 40-year-old, a 50-year-old and a 60-year old. They’re on their way to see a 70-year-old woman who lives in the rainforest, to ask her what women want. Forty years ago she wrote a book on a related subject, so they figure she ought to know. When they arrive at her tumble-down house, she is sitting on the verandah, looking at the forest. ‘What is it that women want?’ they chorus. ‘A good kicking,’ she says.

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The chord it struck was that, whilst I found it quite humourous and pretty close to the mark, it helped remind me that at different times in our lives we need and want different things. What I want/need now as an entrepreneurial mother is not the same shopping list of items as I would have once presumed, pre-daughter. Nothing is forever after all.

When I ask entrepreneurial mothers-to-be the question “what do you as an entrepreneurial mother want?”, they quite often have trouble answering it. The first couple of comments are usually around having the time to do everything. Then when asked “if the fairy godmother came and granted all the time you needed, what then do you want?”, there is invariably some uncomfortable silence, as they’ve not thought that through quite to the level required…

Have you really thought through what you want, and why?

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