Will entrepreneurial success turn your kids into w_______s?

writes Sahil Merchant for AnthillOnline

What ever word you choose to fill the gap with, the premise is still the same… will entrepreneurial success, and by that Sahil infers money, and plenty of it, effect your children in ways you’re possibly none to fond of? Whilst the potential for great learning is there for your children, will they really want to know? Or do they just like spending the money? or do they want to find their own path, and maybe even end up back in corporate land?…

A case in point…

Two of the four people I caught up with were born wealthy. They have made lots of money on their own, but they had millions to start with. They are smart, innovative and driven. Yet, they have never felt the fear of not being able to meet their rent. They don’t know what it is like to beg for funding from friends and family. They were born into advantage, and have done very well from a privileged position. It was easier for them. Or so I tell myself. There is not the same sacrifice involved when you know that failure involves a slap on the wrists from the family patriarchs and punishment via confinement to your beach house.

The other two succeeded from a zero base. I find myself attaching more value to their entrepreneurial pursuits than those who had a running start. Is this right? Why should I discount the achievements of the first two simply because of their parents? It wasn’t their fault who they were born to, yet I will never truly afford them the same level of respect I have for the ’self-made’ entrepreneurs.

One path is not any better than another. Some may be perceived to be easier, but not necessarily in the eyes of the beholder. As we know, whatever we do effects our children whether we like it or not. We can only consistently try to model the behaviours we want them to master, and really the rest of the time, we can just hope that it is/was all worth it!

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