Women sacked over leave…

When I read this headline this morning, I thought “you’ve got to be kidding!”. Then when I thought about it a little longer, this came as a reminder that ignorance and bad planning that drives much of business today is still alive and kicking, and that many have not learned a thing about how to use these fabulous women resources to their joint advantage. When women are just seen as a “cost” that can be easily replaced, then that’s what happens…still it would seem.

Also, what does behaviour like this indicate to our want-to-be mothers? No wonder the age of child birth has been pushed out way to far; and as for ones who leave it so long they miss out altogether… very difficult to know what to do indeed.

To summarise the article…

Women are being sacked for taking maternity leave, and told to quit if they can’t juggle family and the work roster, the Fair Work Ombudsman’s office has found.

University of Sydney associate professor Marian Baird, an expert in maternity-leave research, said it is not only small businesses that are a problem – large companies often ”reorganise” while a woman is away, leaving no position to return to.

New mothers are ”in a vulnerable position and often the last thing they want is to fight a battle with their employer”.

Professor Baird said employers need their female staff and companies ”risk very bad branding” if word got out that they made life difficult for women taking, or refused, maternity leave.
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No wonder more and more of us entrepreneurial mothers are vying to do our own thing. Even if it’s not always ideal, you only have to sack yourself if need be! and it’s no surprise either as you know it’s coming!!

There is definitely the opportunity for government money well spent educating bosses on how to best utilise this resource. But is really anyone listening and/or paying any attention anyway?

Ladies, if the “organisation” won’t look after you, then best you do that for yourself, and/or in conjunction with other ladies in the same boat. Come and stick your toe in, the water’s fine!

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