Workplace Relations have changed…

Independent Contractors of Australia reports

Huge changes in workplace relations are affecting every worker and business.

In many respects the political differences have gone. Ken Phillips¹
‘Independence and the Death of Employment’ provides a key insight into the
change. Once thought to be radical, it¹s now considered central to
understanding the new environment. Available in September in paperback.

What is your career? Who defines your work life? What does it mean to manage or be managed? What is the firm? How do organizations achieve their objectives and make profit? How are these things—and you—controlled and regulated? These are just some of the questions which flow from this book. Professional managers, national and international policy makers, economists, labour lawyers and entrepreneurs will find much in here of deep interest.

More importantly, it’s the individual that will resonate most closely with the ideas that Ken presents.

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sounding very familiar I must say…

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