Inspiring Women and a Hidden Labour Market

At a time when many businesses complain of a shortage of good people… consider this; aCE talentNET is run entirely by entrepreneurial mothers. The key to the success of this business is ‘workplace flexibility‘. Both clients’ and the human resources, learning & development or change management consultants aCE talentNET places, are flexible in role structure. Whilst salary is always important, of equal interest is flexibility towards working hours (i.e. school hours, or limited number of days per week etc) and work venue (agreement to work from home office). They seek the challenges, stimulation and remuneration offered by work, but only…


Dale Beaumont’s Weekly Success Tips – Wayne Burgan

This week’s Success Tips come from Wayne Burgan. Having started his career as a practicing accountant, Wayne went onto develop his own software program called Cashflow Manager. Marketed as the world’s most simple bookkeeping program, Cash Flow Manager now has offices in the UK, USA and of course Australia. In this short extract from his chapter in Secrets of Small Business Owners Exposed, Wayne shares a very clever acronym for the word P.A.S.S.I.O.N. Dale Beaumont is the creator of the Secrets Exposed series of books in which The Entreprenurial Mother features, namely “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed”. Order your own…


Tom Peters roars about women!

Tom Peters roars about women! Period! This is the market. To honor women, especially with Mother’s Day been this month, this May issue is dedicated to women. And it includes: “Selling to Women – Selling to Men” “Why market to Women: The Bottom Line Case” Most interesting reading… Enjoy the issue, and belated Happy Mothers’ Day to all!


Country Womens Association – a home-sponge yarn

Whilst I’m not a big sponge fan, I do have a high regard for the CWA (Country Womens Association). And the reason being, which is so well explained by Noela McLeod. “If someone comes to the table and you produce a cup of tea, they are going to stay. And if you give them something to eat, they will stay longer. The kitchen table is where all of the troubles are worked out. Neighbours’ disputes, financial problems, personal issues. And you know what? Men love a sponge cake, it’s not too sweet,” she explains with a warm smile. “And if…


Let’s remember the bravery of thousands of Australian nurses…

THE last United States female veteran from World War I, Charlotte Winters, died on March 27. She was 109. Her death received considerable publicity, even here in Australia, and she was buried with full military honours. It is a different story with our female veterans in Australia. While we have been searching out our last World War I diggers, counting them down with great public fanfare, including offering their families state funerals, we ignored the nurses. We might have forgotten the nurses of World War I but let’s not do the same to our female veterans of World War II….


The Thing about Therese Rein

THERESE Rein, the entrepreneurial wife of Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd, has put the case for continuing at the helm of her multimillion-dollar company, which runs job placement programs for the Federal Government, if her husband becomes prime minister. Ms Rein’s company, Ingeus, has lucrative contracts with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations worth about $58 million a year and global revenues topping $170 million. For Ms Rein it’s about giving people a fair go. It’s also why she was pained when Ingeus was recently accused of overcharging on its government contracts. In fact, the company’s own probity checks had…

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