aCE talentNET redesign #5

I’ve been wanting to update you on this for some time… but you know what? I’ve nothing to update you about because Design VIC have not got back to me since the post entry (10/7/08), and nor are they acknowledging receipt of follow-up emails either…
how very disappointing I must say.

The potential for this exercise to be beneficial all round is enormous, but, given the nature of the beast, I cannot do it on my own. Maybe I’m pushing the envelope by asking for stuff that they are not actually ready to deliver, maybe they can’t access a designer who is capable in this type of Service Design yet and maybe they are therefore at a loss as to what to do… but it would be good if they shared the maybe’s!

My aCE colleague Deirdre Gruiters pointed out to me the other day that “I am ahead of my time” and to be honest, that is an accusation I have quite often had levelled at me over the years. And you know what, I think it’s right!!

So… this little journey will not be continuing for the time being, unless I hear back from Design VIC and we get back on track…
how very disappointing…

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