Denise Hall talking “How to Shut Down a Start-up” with renegade Collective magazine

"How to Shut Down a Start Up" - collective

“How to Shut Down a Start Up” – collective

Had a great e-chat with Ann Molloy of the EDITION 17 of the magazine Renegade Collective, part of the collective a little while back.

What resulted was a most informative inclusion in the current edition of the magazine (the one with George Clooney on the front!), talking about “How to Shut Down a Start Up“.

It being the discussion piece by an Exit Strategist who knows what to do (namely me), complementary to the fabulous story “Exit Left”, about Nikki Durkin upon announcing the closure of her start-up 90dresses.

Her blog post went viral.
It seems we all want to know: how does it feel with the worst happens?

Key points covered are:

  1. eliminate debt
  2. set a D-Day
  3. care for your crew
  4. tell your customers
  5. sell business assets (including website, contact me to do so…)
  6. tax and legal matters
  7. save, save, save
  8. shut social media (or may be able to sell the parts with the website, see above)
  9. look after yourself

If you find yourself in this position, don’t despair.
I can help if you do not want to do so on your own. Contact me 

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