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I’m very mindful that as an Online Mothers Grouper, any assistance you’re seeking has to be useful, timely and right on the money. So here’s what you get and how you get it so that it makes sense to an already busy BusinessOwner.
This is the time you put aside to work ON your Mother of a Business, not just IN it. As for the rest of the month, you can work IN your Mother of a Business, not just ON it!

How to Master the “Art” and the “Science” of Building a Mother of a Business

the entrepreneurial mother® Online Mothers Group eClasses are emailed to you every week, arriving in your inbox ready to use and implement in your world immediately. There are about 40 in all for now (unless I decide there’s more good stuff to add).

The eClasses contain heaps of examples, tools, tips, templates and Mothers Little Helpers; plug-in activities good to go. Not only will you learn what to do, which will be so very practical, it will make sense too!

This is when you’ll sit down with a cup of tea or whatever tickles your fancy and spend 30 minutes absorbing and locking in the weeks Mothers Little Helpers.

That’s an additional 30 minutes a week to work ON your Mother of a Business, not just IN it. And because the eClasses are emailed; you can do them when it suits and as frequently as you choose.

When you’re selling something that is not “new”, there are so many ways to add magical ingredients that immediately have you stand out from your competition.

Discover How to DO your way to a 7-figure Mother of a Business

You have my absolute commitment that when I come across a Mother of a Business that you need to know about, I will categorically share it with you regardless. That’s what entrepreneurial mothers do, right?

Think of it as the equivalent of having that schoolyard catch-up. After all, isn’t that where you find out about some of the best stuff?
This will include great deals you need to know about, including Buy | Build | Sell business opportunities you may want to consider etc.

Notifications of these are emailed as appropriate.

You already know that Working Out the Rules and the Players of the ‘Game’ can be a Confusing and Costly Chore. Fortunately, Revealing the Hidden Connections will Give you a Faster and More Accurate Way to Achieve What You Want.

Special bonus for the PAR EXCELLENCE! Mother of a Business Owner that is really rock and rolling – I’ll get you in front of movers and shakers. Of course I can’t make any guarantees – ultimately it’s up to their busy schedules. But if you show promise, have the right offer and the right DOability, I will personally introduce you to who I know in your industry.

I’d love nothing more than to see members of my Online Mothers Group not only making squillions! but also be interviewed as one of the under-the-radar entrepreneurial mothers just doing their thing as well!

As you may have worked out by now, in business it’s not always what you know or who you know BUT who they know and I’ve been working in the business arena long enough to have some great contacts.

Saying THANK YOU is Good Business!
and I love being able to say thank you with these…


…you should have already received your very own e-copy of the entrepreneurial mother® Chapter 11 of the Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed (yes, my one!) for your reading pleasure.

If for any reason you miss it, and you want it, click here to download.

PLUS as I come across quality, you receive a number of bonus videos, articles and eBooks of genuine interest. Well worth their RRP but you get them for FREE!

You get these in the form of an eNewsletter, every 10 days or so. “TEMplate” arrives in your inbox, chock full of ever-more stimulating, thought provoking gold…

Oh, and one more thing…
the entrepreneurial mother®Hood “Buddy” program.

How Else Can The Top Secrets and Techniques Used To Build Your Mother of a Business to 7-Figures Contribute to the Greater Good?

Strut your stuff through the entrepreneurial mother® Online Mothers Group and wear that badge of mother entrepreneurialism proudly on your business and you will be invited to participate in the Buddy program.
This part of the program is primarily about partnering new entrepreneurial mothers with established ones, ready to play a mentoring role at a much deeper, stronger and ongoing level. Funding for start ups will also be considered… but more on that at a later date.
We’ve got a lot of work to do between now and then, so lets get cracking!

Qualify, and You Could Be On Your Way to Much More Than You Had Ever First Imagined…

And that’s just the beginning…

All you need to know about the entrepreneurial mother® Online Mothers Group is noted above. That said, if you know me (and if not already, you will shortly), you know that the value of what I bring to your business world is why many are paying top dollar for me to work with them personally.
If you’re ready to become a member, please click this link to go to the secure server.


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Read on to see what more entrepreneurial mothers have to say…

I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges this program has allowed me to identify – the “direction” it has given me has inspired me to success!!

Vivian Atcheson
Man Made Creations


Sensational program – very informative and educational. I am and will be implementing learned tasks in future.

Richelle Joliffe
The Organised Touch


This program has been a really positive experience for me and would certainly encourage other businesses to participate.

Julie Woodward


Very exciting to see you in there (the “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed”) and I immediately gobbled up your chapter last night as soon as I received it. You must have known I really needed something like that at the moment to give me a kick up the backside!

I am also taking it to my favourite cafe to read while I have lunch every day, which is pretty much a sanity break because unfortunately the new job is not what I want. I came home on Day 2 and said as much – you know when you know!

So I am exploring a few different options at the moment and will be writing my own chapter soon!

Janet Troy
Entrepreneurial Mother®, and fellow Gospel Tourer