10 Tips to be a Leader of your Mother of a Business…

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In my experience of working with over 140 businesses around the world over many years, I have been amazed at how often we are called in because the business owner has problems with staff, customers, suppliers or the market.

Invariably, our first meeting with an owner is dominated by them telling us all their problems and how everyone is against them. This ‘victim mentality’ typically expresses itself through blame, denial and excuses. After hearing what they have to say, we will usually confront them with a simple, bold statement: “Your problems have little to do with anyone else; they are ultimately a reflection of your own behaviour.”

The essence of this statement is an important insight — a business is a reflection of its owner. As the owner gets better, so does the business… keep reading

which is exacrly why mentoring programs like the entrepreneurial motherLode program are so important…

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