8 Important Customer Trends for 2008

Status Spheres;
Snack Culture;
Online Oxygen;
Brand Butlers;
Crowd Mining;
MIY – Make It Yourself;

Another year has almost passed. Over the last 11 months, have highlighted trends like (STILL) MADE HERE, FEMALE FEVER, TRANSPARENCY TYRANNY, TRYSUMERS and more.

No doubt 2008 will be as trend-heavy; to get you going, here are eight trends to watch and capitalize on in the new year. Oh, and may we all be among the first to wish you an innovative, prosperous, trendy 2008!

Also to help you along…
from – “Businesses That Don’t Exist, But Should

What businesses large and small wouldn’t give to find the next “big” thing. (And you can get it in picture form too). Admittedly this is from high schoolers perspective, but I wonder what you would discover if you asked the same folk around you, or at your local secondary school… might just open your ears and eyes to ideas you do not have anywhere near your radar.

Plenty of fantastic research to read about here, and do…

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