A Website Does NOT an Online Strategy Make…

HomeButtonAnother day, another conversation with a Business Owner who thinks that having a website covers off the Online Strategy question…


A website forms part of an Online Strategy, absolutely.
But is it not the be-all that ends-all.
In fact it is only a small part of the overall digital consideration.

From a “Sale-ability” point of view, when asked about what digital | online strategies are in place, if “I’ve got a website” is offered as the answer, the potential buyer will start rubbing their hands together in glee (if it’s a business they want that is).

Why? Because it gives them an issue on which to start down a sale price-discounting path.

Do you have to cover off every little thing to appeal to a potential buyer?
Well ideally, yes, but we know that’s not necessarily doable.

However, given the growing impact and importance of the whole digital | online space, “what is your Online Strategy?” is one question Business Owners looking to sell have to have a well-formulated and accurate response for.


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