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This Success Tip is from Lisa Messenger, one of the contributors to Entrepreneurs Under 40. You’ll learn how to follow your dreams and achieve your ambitions. Her positive outlook on business will inspire and invigorate you.

It’s been a busy few weeks, with the first *Secrets Exposed Live* event and the release of four new *Secrets Exposed* books.

For a little taster of each of the new books, your free gifts await you, and you can get them by going to this Success Tip at:

I know you will love the wonderful tips in these chapters – they include one of my all-time favourite chapters from the whole *Secrets Exposed * series, a hugely inspirational story from one of the Entrepreneurs Under 40, Darren Lomman.

You can also read the mind-blowing account of how Kim Reilly
made $1.75 million in one trade! All this and more can be
found here.

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