the result of the latest “how to successfully buy a business” workshop…

"matching Buyers and Sellers"

“matching Buyers and Sellers”

Today, we ran another of our “How to Successfully Buy a Business” roundtable workshops. What a pleasure it was!

The points covered:

  • is Business Ownership for you?
  • how do you know?
  • what type of business?
  • starting vs buying
  • overview of the Business Transaction process
  • price vs valuation
  • using professional advisors

Not only did we do a great job (even if I say so myself) but the conversation around the topic was also of a high standard. With a mix of first-time buyers, accountants, financial planners and bankers in the room, it made for not only an enjoyable session, but one where the level of awareness has now increased significantly.

The key now is to assist them in executing on what they now know…

Some of the feedback:

“Would you refer this workshop to your friends and family?” all answered YES

“Really good presentation”
“Good mix in audience”
“Really good workshop”

Got to love that kind of feedback!
If you want to know more and/or join us at the next one, please email me at

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