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buy | sell websites: is it just like property?

Pretty much! In one way or another, you will have been exposed to the ongoing increased interest in the property market. You know, where they buy a house that needs renovations, they do the work, and they may or may not sell it once done. This basically mirrors what can be done with web sites. But, it has way more upside. You can buy a web site a whole lot cheaper than a house. You can perform “renovation” exercises without getting your hands dirty. You can sell it again, once fixed. You can keep it and keep the benefit. And if for any…


buy | sell websites – is it the next boom?

  Compared to the stock market, or the physical property market, the “virtual real estate” market is but a pup! Yes, we hear about the Facebook’s of the world but what about the average, mainstream websites that most Business Owners have these days. What happens to them? However, for some savvy investors, “virtual real estate” has already been far more profitable in a much shorter time than have the traditional investment avenues. I intend being one of those savvy investors! As with property real estate, I’m not all that interested in doing the Flipping thing. I’m far more keen to find…


Buy | Sell websites – got one to sell?

  So I’ve been shopping haven’t I. Keen to make my next purchase. But… the ones I’ve looked at in the past week just haven’t met the mark. That said, I’m assuming that more websites will definitely come on the market progressively over the next weeks, once everyone is back in the swing of things, post the festive season. I must say though… how addictive is Flippa! I can get lost for hours trawling through all the sites on sale, most of which don’t meet my criteria but then it’s a bit like any shopping really. You can spend a…

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