The Promise of Entrepreneurship… is bigger always better?

We are made to believe that when it comes to business success, bigger is always better. In our super-sized, consumption-oriented culture, not even small business is exempt from the pressure to grow for growth’s sake. We fixate on top-line revenue growth and increasing numbers of employees and locations. We pepper entrepreneurs with questions such as, ‘What are your plans for expansion? What’s next? How many cities will you go to?’ instead of asking what their goals are or why they started their business in the first place. When talk about growth we focus on speed, not sustainability. When we talk about success we focus on size, not satisfaction.

So much so that entrepreneurs doubt their own success and skill if they aren’t pursuing the largest form of their business possible. We’ve talked with countless business owners who run profitable ventures, make a good living, enjoy what they do every day, and have significant impact in their industry—but who also hesitate to call themselves successful. Why? Because their companies could be bigger, or they decided not to open several more locations, or they don’t have the largest market share—even though these are not the things that they want.

We believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. There is an alternative that is both rewarding and attainable—it just requires rethinking things a bit…

Another gem from by Adelaide Lancaster

“The World Needs Female Entrepreneurs Now More Than Ever”…

Indeedy, it does!

The key point I’d like to point out in this fine article is this:

Becoming an Entrepreneur does not require
any shifts in corporate culture.

In fact, becoming a Business Owner does not require changing any societal norms at all. It does require however a distinct shift in your own internal thinking in combination with your family’s particular circumstances.

So… why not be opportunistic and bold in 2012, and become a “3%” member? (refer last post)

You can always tap into the entrepreneurial mothers group if you need support…


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Join my “Mothers Group” – Viv did and look what’s happened…

As Viv has discovered, there’s a lot more to being a successful Mother and building a Mother of a Business than just dreaming about it every day.   It’s about behaving in a manner which builds a genuine business. It’s about having the confidence to do whatever you dream of achieving. And most of all it’s about Mothering as you want PLUS earn what you need to earn (and a whole lot more!).

WoWGreenGuideArtictle_Oct11smlViv McDonald is going places with
“The Web of Wheels”

So much so, she featured on p21 of the recent Green Guide in The Age newspaper.

Viv came to join my Mothers Group after previous attempts at really firing up The Web on Wheels. It would appear that this time she has done just that! Congratulations.

the entrepreneurial mother® Mothers Group has been developed in response to an overwhelming number of requests asking me to share my knowledge. However the majority wanted more than just help.  They wanted to transform their Mother of a Business, they wanted to start achieving.  And they wanted real backing to do it.  Not simple once off help, not just electronic help but  live and timely ongoing structured interactive support.

Is It a Sin For You To Want More?
Organise a Mothers Group of your own and/or Join mine and
You’ll Be Gaining More Than Just Profit

This is my way of truly demonstrating how you can to Learn to Earn and Build a Mother of a Business as an Asset, in your own guilt-free school hours.

I value my fellow entrepreneurial mothers because word of mouth and recommendation is the most effective form of marketing known to the human race, and the most flattering!

Hold your own Mothers Group, and/or Join Mine and
You Could Be On Your Way to Much More
Than You Had First Imagined…

Give me One Lunch, One Evening, and I’ll Get You Started…

Organise 8 or more people in a room, and I will come!
Think Mothers Group with a Twist.
Think Party Plan for your Business!

It’s as simple as that. (Australia only at this stage I’m afraid, although other destinations will be considered)

Whether it’s to be in the school hall, the church hall, the classroom, the lunch room or your lounge room; and I will be there to talk all things Mother of a Business, and Starting with the End in Mind TODAY, regardless of how old your business is…

Or you can join my existing Mothers Group where you get to talk to me and the likes of Viv, on a regular basis…

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Arianna Huffington; an entrepreneurial mother in her Prime…

The co-founder of the Huffington Post marks its arrival in the UK with a lecture on love, guilt and getting what you want. She talks to Celia Walden.

Fresh off the plane from LA, the Greek American author, businesswoman and co-founder of internet newspaper the Huffington Post - bought by internet provider AOL for $US315 million ($298 million) in February this year and launched in Britain last week… read the full story & more

Carole Middleton: The Entrepreneurial Mum Who Raised A Princess

With thanks to

Behind many major events, there is often a working mother making things happen. In the case of the upcoming royal wedding that woman is Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton’s entrepreneurial mum.

The elder Middleton was a stay at home mom when she launched Party Pieces in 1987 in the UK. Kate was 5 at the time and Carole landed on the idea for the business when she was unable to find affordable party bag presents for her children’s parties. The business grew to the point where her husband Michael quit his job as a flight dispatcher to help run it.

Now of course Carole is in the news for her royal connections, but that doesn’t mean her achievements as a working mother are any less admirable. The business now boasts 30 employees and visits to the company website surged 163% when William and Kate announced their engagement.

Read more about Carole Middleton in a recent Newsweek article.

The Micropreneur Manifesto: How to Stay Solo, Bleed Passion, and Build Products that Matter…

By Rob Walling for

Single founders creating products for niche markets are known by another name: micropreneurs.

Micropreneurs may write software. They might design themes for a blogging platform. They may produce exquisite wedding invitations, or how-to books. Micropreneurs are agile, inspired, independent, knowledge seekers who can’t live with the 9-to-5 status quo.

If this resonates with you, read on. This manifesto attempts to distill the key points you’ll need as you begin your micropreneur journey.

I learned every one of them the hard way…

Again, whilst I’m not fussed on yet another version of the entrepreneur tag, Rob offers plenty of good stuff to assist in alleviating start-up pain that we have all experienced in some form or other. Enjoy!

A Human Journey: From Agricultural to Entrepreneurial…

Ken Phillips (Exec. Dir.) and the team at “>Click here for the full article:

Some of Simon’s observations include:

“… entrepreneurial economies [are] based on knowledge and ideas rather than economies of scale.”

“There are big differences between the former industrial ‘managed’ economies and the new ‘entrepreneurial’ economies.”

“One outcome is that, while a managed economy favours large businesses and corporate managements, an entrepreneurial economy offers more advantages for small businesses and more opportunities and rewards for entrepreneurs.”

“Although there may be clear signs that the successful economies of the future will be entrepreneurial economies, a lot of our thinking has not caught up with this and is still derived from assumptions which were more appropriate to the earlier second-wave Fordist era when big business ruled.”… Twitt

Happy International Women’s Day…

and here’s to the launch of “The Feminine Entrepreneur” (by delightful fellow entrepreneurial mother, Cath Resnick)…

If there were more “Cath’s” around, the world would be a better place…
and to illustrate what I mean, she shares the first of her insights in this article.

Female Owned Businesses Responsible for Job Creation in the U.S…

Similar story in Australia too I suspect, and here’s why…
Tandelyn A. Weaver, owner of shares some interesting insights.

Divorced or single mothers who undergo traumatic experiences in life have been an impetus for 30% of female business owners to embark on their entrepreneurial ventures.

A report published by The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute projects that female-owned small business, now just 16% of total U.S. employment, will be responsible for creating one-third of the 15.3 million new jobs anticipated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2018 ( January, 2010).

Social factors have resulted in the growth of female owned businesses. Where motherhood results in delays of starting their own businesses, it is also the reason for women owned business growth.

It is also believed that businesses owned by women start small and go through steady growth. The first three year survival rate of female owned businesses is 72.25%. The reasons for high survival rates of female owned businesses lies in the natural and to some extent learned disposition of females to run and manage a business successfully. For example, it is said that patience is the key to any successful entrepreneurial venture. Women are known to be naturally patient and flexible to change.

Family businesses have also been a successful place to help business growth. These family businesses have inspired women to start a business of their own and helped build in them skills which are necessary for managing a business. A study conducted in the mid 90’s showed nearly 78% of female business owners had some form of family business connections in their past. Women entrepreneurs are more likely to start a business for achievement of personal goals like accomplishments and recognition and the need to support their families.

It is inspiring to know that women are helping create jobs in United States and around the world…continue