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ARTICLE: Exiting your Small Business, using a Business Broker

Recently, this article was published on the Australia Small Business Blog, with my contribution focused predominately on the benefits of using a Business Broker, like my good self: “If you are going to be dealing with a business broker, make sure they are licensed with the relevant State body. The Australian Institute of Business Brokers (of which I’m a member!) has links to the various State licensing authorities. When exiting your business, you should seek some professional advice – however even an accountant or solicitor have limitations on the scope of the guidance they can offer around the valuation and sale of a business.  A qualified business broker can…


Master Mums MASTERCLASS #4; selling, funding and exiting your business…

For all entrepreneurial mothers, a day to invest in both yourself and your business. Between 10am and 5pm October 15, work ON your business. No doubt, this is probably the first time in a long time! All details are here Look forward to seeing you there, as I am doing the Exit bit.


when is it OK to do Free?

I was pondering this very question myself just yesterday… A Business Owner called, who has made the decision to sell her own business. She wanted advice on how to best do that, anonymously, over the phone. Cheeky? perhaps. Useful? She was pleased. But, how far do you go? And then I came across this great article from “The Business Bakery”. I’ve pulled the key bits out for me and suggest you read the entire article… There are five reasons to work for free, which one is it? 1.It’s good “exposure” This is the most common reason for being asked to…

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