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“you just don’t get it, do you?”

If given the chance, I’m sure you know of someone in business you want to say, “you just don’t get it, do you?” too. What usually happens though is that what’s said behind closed doors is instead, “they just don’t get it, do they?”. A case in point was today. I spent it working with a friend and colleague of mine, who owns a franchise business reliant on independent practitioners. Together with her business development colleague, we went over a number of scenarios to improve the booking rates of her practice. But the one phrase that was repeated over and…


How to Make Your Business Franchise-Friendly…

Picture this… you’ve been running your home-based business for 16 years when you decide in 2007 that it could be a successful model for other entrepreneur mothers to follow. After extensive planning and roughly $65,000 in consulting and legal fees, you sell your first franchise that year. Within three months, it had failed.  Now what??? This is the basis of one entrepreneurial mothers true story. To read what happened, and how she turned it around, click here. Enjoy!


Podcast: Denise Hall talking Starting a Business vs. Buying a Business?

Podcast: Denise Hall talking Starting vs Buying a Business – by Denise Hall on Mixcloud I know. The idea of owning your own business is becoming a more attractive and popular option for a lot of Australian women. The idea of setting your own hours, having unlimited income potential and working in an area you are passionate about to bring value to the marketplace is an appealing alternative to an office environment, for a lot of individuals. Women are driven and great at multi-tasking, all great skills for a potential business owner. Statistically speaking though, most businesses fail within…

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