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#OpportunityAlert: would what you do work in the New Heartland?

Is Your Brand Missing the Mark with 60% of U.S. Consumers? By Paul Jankowski Published Feb. 18, 2015  “There’s one part of the country where, I think, many brands are completely missing the mark: it’s what I call the New Heartland. It’s made up of the Southwest, Midwest, and parts of the Southeast and is home to 60% of all U.S. consumers. It’s a massive and influential cultural segment that is largely misunderstood and underserved by advertisers—and a huge opportunity for brands willing to make the effort. So how do brands effectively reach the New Heartland?” Read all about it at


Some Days Are Not So In FLOW!

Talk about going from one extreme to the other! Yesterday, as smooth as clockwork. Today, disaster… Actually that’s not strictly true, it depends on what I’m comparing it to. If using my diary and to do list (as I did yesterday), today’s activities were not even remotely close to doing what I was supposed to have done.  If on the other hand, I review the activities in terms of upping the ante on playing a bigger game then I was right on the money… Today I had two phone calls that were not planned but have the potential to be enormous……

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