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PODCAST: Talking Selling Your Business on the Business Addicts Podcast

In this episode of Business Addicts Podcast, we discuss Selling Your Business: The issue many business owners often find themselves in, where they become trapped in an unsellable business because the business is heavily reliant on them as the owner. The difference between building a business as a job replacement and building a business as an asset The importance of recording and systemising work practices so that business becomes less reliant on you as an owner. The pros and cons of productising services to differentiate your business offerings and giving you the ability to scale. The different stages of the business…


PODCAST: Talking What Your Business Is Worth with Annemarie Cross of The Ambitious Entrepreneur

Had the absolute pleasure to do the first Facebook Live for the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, with Annemarie Cross, discussing all things What Is Your Business Worth? A most interesting experience which all went rather smoothly thanks for the impressive skills of Annemarie on the control panel. It was a good solid conversation about what Business Owners should be doing in their business that will actually be of value come exit and/or sale time. Many Business Owners are guilty of doing the activities they like to do and are even good at, as opposed to the ones that add the most value…


PODCAST: How to Add Value to your Business with Jacki Mitchell on Taking Care of Business

Had the pleasure of talking to Jacki Mitchell of Taking Care of Business for and Lauren Clement about How to Add Value to Your Business, both in terms of personal branding and actual realistic business activities and initiatives, like finding out What your Business is Worth on a regular basis via an annual Appraisal. This enables far more informed decisions to be made when the time comes to make BIG life ones including what do I do with my business…


PODCAST: Women in Leadership – You’re Invited to be Interviewed…

Finish the year off with a BANG, by being interviewed by delightful Annemarie Cross. And the type of Leaders which wants to interview: Are you or have you been a Leader of People? Have you led in Corporate, Local, State and Federal Government, Ministry, Not-For-Profit, and any other walk of life for that matter? That’s it, that’s the criteria. So, yes – it means YOU! Go forth and contact Annemarie. Details are contained in this flyer.  


PODCAST: “How to Avoid Losing Money When Buying a Business” with Lorraine Pirihi from ReLaunch Your Life

Recently, Lorraine Pirihi from “Relaunch your Life” and I had a good chat about “How to Avoid Losing Money When Buying a Business” (audio is below). The key aspects of which are summarised here: • Not certain of what to buy? • You can spend a lot of time looking at a broad range of businesses. • Whilst keen at the start it can be energy sapping in the long run if you’re uncertain of what to buy. • Financial limitations • Do you have an understanding of what you REALLY can “afford”? • Can you pass the “sleep at…


Podcast: Why Start with the End in Mind when thinking of selling your business?

Denise Hall talking Why Start with the End in Mind on by Denise Hall on Mixcloud The most important place to commence to “start with the end in mind” is “Why”… Why did you go down the path of setting up your business? For what purpose does it serve? Why do you now want to move on? Why should a buyer be interested in taking this off your hands? With any “why”, there has to be two parts… a) why the world is a better place as a result of doing business with you (the external driver of the…

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