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Coffee Chat Interview… 4 Things You Must Know When Buying an OnLine Business

The thing about Online Businesses | Websites these days is that the market has been around long enough whereby there are businesses of quality, with verifiable statistics and easier to follow financials. So the information collected is more capably captured and consistent. I had the pleasure of talking about this with Lorraine Pirihi of Relaunch Your Life and member of the Baby Boomers Business Owners Facebook group. To listen to the full interview, click on the play button


PODCAST: talking 6 steps to Boost Your Productivity and Profits with Lorraine Pirihi

Once again I had the good fortune to talk with Lorraine Pirihi about the importance of productivity and profit in your Business, highlighted by the 6 steps Lorraine often coaches by. A snippet of the gold contained in the below recording and transcript goes as such: “Quite often you’ll hear in the housing market about growth or cashflow. Business actually abides by similar rules. There’s growth and there’s cashflow. A lot of small business, especially if they intend to stay smallish business, need to concentrate on the cashflow aspect. Because unless you’ve actually got a plan to grow and go…


PODCAST: “How to Avoid Losing Money When Buying a Business” with Lorraine Pirihi from ReLaunch Your Life

Recently, Lorraine Pirihi from “Relaunch your Life” and I had a good chat about “How to Avoid Losing Money When Buying a Business” (audio is below). The key aspects of which are summarised here: • Not certain of what to buy? • You can spend a lot of time looking at a broad range of businesses. • Whilst keen at the start it can be energy sapping in the long run if you’re uncertain of what to buy. • Financial limitations • Do you have an understanding of what you REALLY can “afford”? • Can you pass the “sleep at…


Podcast: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Selling Your Business – a conversation with Lorraine Pirihi

Podcast: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Selling Your Business – a conversation with Lorraine Pirihi by Denise Hall on Mixcloud I had the pleasure of talking with Lorraine Pirihi, from Relaunch your Life, about what is involved in selling a business and why it is imperative to start the process early. Yes, that old chestnut. Start with the end in mind, regardless of how old the business is! There’s much to consider, but the main takeaways are: Formulate your “A” team Understand timelines Be prepared to invest in accessing the specific skills sets you need to help Get the…

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