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why start with an Online Strategy in mind?

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know that I bang on about “start with the end in mind“. And how it’s really hard to do that without knowing what the “end” can look like. Throwing an Online Strategy into the mix may only add to the confusion… Yes, there are sound universal business practices that should be used at start-up and during growth (Online Strategy included), which would have you in the best shape when the urge to purge takes hold. However, even if you only start getting your ducks in a row…


How to Restart your Creative Juices! Little Bets: Think Differently

“Inventing the Future” is what Selling your Business is all about. Certainly, developing your exit strategy goes some way in making that become a reality, especially if looking to use the sale as a springboard for your next add-venture… Our education system places great emphasis on teaching us about facts that are already known, such as historical information or scientific tables, and then testing us in order to measure how much we’ve retained about that body of knowledge. Those skills work perfectly well for many situations, but not when doing something new. Or creative. Or original. They certainly won’t help…

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