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How Resilient-Ready are You for 2012?

Tom Peters recently blogged about Flourish, the latest book by Martin Seligman, founder of the Positive Psychology Movement. Their research has shown that the building of personal strengths such as courage, optimism, work ethic, honesty and perseverance all have a positive effect on peoples’ mental wellbeing. The process of building a positive mindset is not trivial or easy, as evidenced by Seligman’s work with the US Army. However, if it piques your interest, why not try Seligman’s “Three Good Things” exercise? It sounds simple, but over time its effects can be profound. Three Good Things Exercise Each night before you…


Tom Peters roars about women!

Tom Peters roars about women! Period! This is the market. To honor women, especially with Mother’s Day been this month, this May issue is dedicated to women. And it includes: “Selling to Women – Selling to Men” “Why market to Women: The Bottom Line Case” Most interesting reading… Enjoy the issue, and belated Happy Mothers’ Day to all!

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