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WEBINAR: Women in Business, Ensure a Saleable Business = FREEDOM!

The powerhouse of motivating mum’s, Alli Price, invited me to speak on one of her recent Google Hangouts. Once I got the technology sorted (!), it was all systems go and it is now proudly displaying on her youtube channel. Please, go check it out… It’s great launching and running a business but your eye should always be on the prize – selling your business successfully! Check out these great tips from Denise Hall, The Entrepreneurial Mother On this one I talk a lot about FREEDOM. Why did you start your business in the first place? How well is that…


An Authentic, Powerful Life

Real power comes from confronting the challenges each woman faces and passing on hard-won wisdom. This article starts that conversation. Charting my own path has been a challenge, just as it is for women everywhere. We all struggle with the same questions: Am I entitled to write and live my own legacy beyond my roles as daughter, wife, mother, sister, employee, friend? Am I worth it? The answer has to be yes. At each challenge, we have to give ourselves permission to grow, evolve and change. I now have a new definition of power. It’s passing on what we have…


Let us help you shine with confidence

by Tina Nikolovski – Radiance by Tina Nikolovski “THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to answer my questions says Tina. I have read a couple of the ‘Secrets of’ books, but will also grab the new one. I will order the books you mentioned, so if you do have some others you rate highly would love to hear about it. You can never have enough books I say! You’re a smart lady and I would love if we could stay in touch (I promise I won’t stalk you! Ha ha). That coffee would be great some time too.”…

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