Who am I? Exit Strategist and Business Broker of choice…

What does being an EXIT Strategist and Business Broker of Choice mean exactly you may ask?

Allow me to explain…

Think Real Estate Agent for Business, with a most worthwhile twist!

Not only is it about assisting you to execute the Sale of your Mother of a Business,
it’s also about helping you get your business Ready to Sell as well.

Get your Mother of a Business Sale-Ready, and then Sell it…simple.
Didn’t I say there was a great twist!

Why do I DO this?

Because what I am obsessed with is…

Business gives you Lifestyle, to be the Mother you long to be

There is NO mechanism, other than Business, that allows you to earn the money you need to earn, in the hours you need to earn it in. Where else can you have more control and have such fun!

Having again gone through this process first hand (this was the third time, after previously building and selling 2 other Mother of a Business’ prior to the latest), I now know for sure that it is rare to find a Broker or Coach or Accountant around that understands what it is to build a Mother of a Business, nor how to properly converse and attract Buyers when Selling. Usually because the business do not fit into their traditionally shaped box!

If your Mother of a Business does not look and feel like something they can do what they want to with, you are on your own…

until now…

Why talk to me?

Good question…

Here’s a sample of the Business Sales scorecard I have orchestrated:

    SOLD price
Online Marketplace Based in regional NSW, this full ecommerce platform business is a niche online marketplace, allowing sellers to promote their unique range of Australian made products directly to the customers. $150,000
Online Accounting Services Based in Melbourne, the business provides an online service to individuals seeking to setup their ABN, Business Name and GST registrations quickly and easily. The business is operated as a division of a Registered Tax Agent.  It was officially launched in April 2013 and is a leading online registration provider in Australia. $460,000
Walking Tours Based in regional Victoria, this business was started in 1994 based on the experience of the current owners. They were marketing agents for several European walking holiday companies, and were booking Australians for the INN-to-INN walking holidays (self-guided) in Europe.  The INN-to-INN walking holidays were only available in Europe and UK, but not available in Australia, until now. $700,000
In-Home Personal Care The Melbourne Franchise was started in the 1980s, part of a successful national network operating in all key markets, providing professional carers for Aged, Child and Family Care.  The brand is well established and regarded within the industry. $570,000
Online Beauty products Based in Melbourne, the business is a leading online retailer of UV (Ultraviolet) nail polishes and accessories such as curing lamps.  The business was officially launched in March 2012, and is now one of the longest running online retailers of UV nail polish in Australia $70,000
Pet Grooming and supplies Ideally located close to Melbourne CBD with a village atmosphere, perfectly positioned for high income socio demographic in bayside suburbs. Profitable with weekly taking in the range of $8,000 to $12,000. Established in 2009 with brand new premise fit-out. $200,000
Online Fashion Retail Working approximately 15 hours per week, the owner is making an adjusted profit (after paying for expenses, including stock) of $38,000 – $48,000 per year for the last 2 financial years $42,000
Online technology “Deal for a Day” Based in Melbourne, this business is best described as an Online Retailer, selling online directly to the consumer market (business-to-consumer). The business pioneered the concept of one-day sales in Australia with the launch of the first one-deal-a-day website in March 2006. $450,000
aCE talentNET Acting as a Corporate Talent Agent, this business matched Organisational Development consultants with Corporate client projects. $200,000
The MOS Network Acting as a Consulting Talent Agent, this business matched consultants with Corporate client projects $150,000
OzHomeStay Acting as a home-placement service, this business matched students suitable families in a homestay environment when visiting on study tours. $10,000

Here’s 10 answers, in the hope that a couple of them well and truly resonate with you:

  1. Having sold my third and by far the largest 7-figure Mother of a Business recently, I didn’t do it because it was a crap business!
    I did it because it still had a lot of growth left in it, but I didn’t have the genuine care factor any more. To find more about this, click here
  2. A very complementary-fit growing company, poised to support it through its next phase, acquired my ex-Mother of a Business.
    So I know how to find the right Buyers, selected from a growing pool of them.
  3. Even in today’s topsy turvy market, my Mother of a Business sold for fair-market multiple (I’ll explain this multiple thing when we talk). Suffice to say though that the average at present is around 1.5 – 2 times. So I know what it takes to do so.
  4. I’ve been through the Sale process personally three times now and having sold numerous on behalf of others, I absolutely understand it from the inside out (where as most Brokers and Coaches and Accountants have not and can not).
  5. My two previous SOLD Mother of a Business’ were:
    • a) a similar but smaller version of #3 but in a different niche of the same industry. In this instance, my business partner bought me out so I know how to handle the trials and tribulations of that.
    • b) an International Student Homestay business. Sold by running an ad on eBay, resulting in doubling my initial outlay in 3 years.
  6. I intimately understand what Buyers are looking for and why knowing what questions to ask to flush out the best result for all parties is paramount. So much so that I now run workshops on “How to Successfully Buy a Business”.
  7. So you don’t have to worry about talking to people about what you’re not familiar with, I have “connected the dots” by joining forces with the leaders in their respective fields, eg Hurst Partners, Corporate Business Brokers and the Australian Institute of Business Brokers. So I can do all the talking!
  8. Exit Strategy and Execution is vitally important. Not just the Succession Planning element of it but the actual DOing! That is why I chosen to specialise in this.
  9. Together, we will get your old Mother of a Business baby SOLD, so you can move on to your next new chapter!
  10. It is never too late to give your Mother of a Business the Respect it Deserves, and the Finish you have always dreamed of.

Start with the End in Mind TODAY,
regardless of how old your business is…

Want to know how to do it?

Email me info@theentrepreneurialmother.com.au and we’ll set up a time to start the conversation.